Jonny Two Bags’ guitars are known for their uncompromising tone, build quality, and classic style. Jonny and I took what we considered the best elements of some of the American made guitars from the 1950′s to design the Echopark™ Jonny Two Bags Limited. Combining the key neck profile of his 50′s Juniors, it features slab body construction, a quarter-sawn Honduran mahogany one-piece neck, a select rosewood fret board, Dunlop 6130 fret wire with a hand cut bone nut, Grover pre-war style aged nickel tuners, a custom hand-wound dog ear P90 spec’d from my ’59 Junior with a pio .022 capacitor, TonePros lightweight aluminum wraparound tailpiece, and a beautiful 100% nitrocellulose gold finish. Grab a Satellite Atom and enjoy!


The Echopark™ ‘Gold Coil’ ™ is 100% Hand crafted in America by Arcane inc.It is an idealized version of the classic mid 60′s Gold Foil pickup in a Humbucker housing.


By replicating all the key components of the classic gold foil pickup and after looking at ways to improve the design ,we came up with a new version that in many way tops the performance of the original’s. While still maintaining all the thick ,woody tones that make the originals a highly sought after pickup. We also made them easier to install by putting the ‘Gold Coil’ tm in a Humbucker housing that will fit into any Humbucker equipped guitar. This pickup has a single coil tone that is Thick,Clear and Juicy but with a spongy softness that is both hifi and lofi at the same time due to its newly refined ,unique magnetic construction,and..its quiet!. This pickup is Perfect in the neck position of any guitar and matches well with Tele bridge P90 or Humbucking pickups…

For slide work, it is a must have !!
185 plus $6 sipping USA
Please email for international shipping quote